Water Pinch Analysis

Water Pinch analysis is a world-class optimization technique for achieving regress performance targets for freshwater recovery, wastewater recovery and material (salts) recovery. Water Pinch is an optimization technique that helps achieving reductions in freshwater use, and wastewater generation using the first principles of fluid dynamics. The technique helps eliminating overload of flow and salt at the ETP and therefore unnecessary capital-intensive operation.

This industrial Process Integration tool on Water is applied for the synthesis of Resource Conservation Networks (RCNs) for efficient use of water resources in industrial plants, thereby facilitating easier and effective management of the resources with improved reliability. It helps in correct diagnosis of the problems faced in order to suggest optimum solutions for reducing freshwater consumption, wastewater generation and salt loads at end-of-pipe treatment units.

Thus, pinch analysis also helps identify opportunities for reducing operating costs, debottlenecking processes, improving efficiency, and reducing capital investment for projects in planning stages.

Schematic for Approach

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