Watscan tool for Water Planning and Assessment

CII Water Institute has developed an innovative Water Planning & Assessment Tool (WATSCAN) which is an integrated IT driven, GIS and Remote Sensing based information system that enables comprehensive watershed evaluation, aimed at devising community-centric water management interventions. It is a robust Tool that enables spatial and temporal analyses using various datasets that include:

▷ Satellite data on topography
▷ Satellite data for land-use/cover
▷ Indian Meteorological Department daily gridded rainfall data
▷ Digitized soil databases

The Tool derives the outputs based on a strong mathematical interplay of various inputs and parameters.

It can be used for designing a basket of strategies for balanced water demand and supply management in the watershed

▷ Proper siting of water schemes/ infrastructure for efficient water delivery.
▷ Evaluating area-wide availability of water, access & demand-supply analysis.
▷ Developing an improved water scenario and water framework.
▷ Recommending technological, policy and institutional interventions for improving lives and livelihoods of community over the short, medium and long term.

WATSCAN Coverage

Results show that application of WATSCAN can

Improve water productivity 20-30 % in the short term

Improve water use efficiency 40-50 % with cost effective strategies

Enhance opportunities to dovetail water-related industry initiatives with Government programs

Reduce water risks thereby ensuring long-term water


▷ On the basis of the discussions had with the Government of India, CII has taken upon itself the Mission of improved water scenario across drought-prone regions with support from its members.
▷ 50 districts across 10 drought affected/prone states for evaluation have been identified.
▷ Extensively working in the state of Maharashtra on water management across 13 districts.
▷ Successfully applied to Udaipur in Rajasthan, Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon in Haryana, and drought-prone district, Pune in Maharashtra

" WATSCAN provided us inputs and insights on what we could do to improve our water management and related initiatives within our Khalapur campus and in the vicinity for CSR and related initiatives."
Anup Mathew
Sr. Vice President & Business Head GODREJ CONSTRUCTION
" We appreciate CII's efforts and will action the recommendations made in their study. CII's work has heightened expectations and there is now a greater responsibility on all of us to deliver beyond the defined project parameters. "
Joy Mukherjee
Addl GM-CSR, DCM Shriram Ltd.

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